Welcome to Allsorts, my mummy lifestyle blog. 

I'm Elena, I have a husband, a toddler and a baby (yes I have my hands full!) and they all keep my very busy. Finding time to do normal things like eating my lunch is a challenge but I wouldn't change it for anything! 

So as we have already established I'm busy busy, and I am now at the stage where having two children under 3 has lead me to adapt how I go about my every day life. I'm one that likes to fit as much as possible into one day, have a plan and tick those boxes...but when things don't go as I have planned or  there are a few boxes left unticked, I struggle to come to terms with it! So in order to keep my sanity I have found ways to do all the things I did

pre-babies but now with the babies...don't get me wrong it takes me twice as long but we manage it just fine (kind of) and now its time to share! 


So why have I decided to start a blog now? Well I have always found joy in writing, there's a sense of release for me when I put my thoughts to paper. At school I wrote a weekly column, and also wrote the weekly blog for an interior designer at a previous job, but my absolute favourite thing to do when I was younger was to write poems and songs...I'll have to find them one day so we can all have a laugh together!

I have been contemplating starting a blog from the year I left school way back 13 years ago, but I just couldn't start one because choosing a single topic to write about was difficult for me and truthfully I was still finding myself and who I really was/am.  Thirteen years down the line not only have I found myself but three other humans I can blog about too, so here we go! 

The website will be divided into categories, each with their own theme, so hopefully there will be a little something for everyone. I hope to resonate in some way to all the mums and wives out there who just need a little pick me up or tip to make life that little bit easier, whilst keeping things light hearted and fun! Things seem to be getting a little too serious out there so I'm here to brighten the mood, and give you that 'oh thank goodness I'm not the only one' feeling when reading my blogs, because trust me you really aren't alone! 

If you are still reading, thank you, even if you did check your Instagram a few times in between! 

I know what you're thinking, you still don't know much about us...well that's what the blog posts are for!

I will aim to post once a week, and see how we go from there!

So for thank you and speak to you soon



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© 2018 by Allsorts. 

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